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Upward moving chartBandy & Associates, Inc. offers complete association management services, as well as project management and consulting. Complete services from Bandy & Associates include:

   ▪ Facilities
   ▪ Financial Management
   ▪ General Management
   ▪ Communications/Marketing
   ▪ Membership
   ▪ Meetings and Conferences
   ▪ Benefits and Programs

Bandy & Associates charges a monthly fee based on resources needed to manage your account. This fee covers most of the administrative portion of your budget, including staffing, professional business insurance, equipment rental and maintenance, rent, local telephone service, and storage. It does not include costs associated directly with your projects, such as banking, CPA, legal, professional liability insurance (for your Board of Directors), office supplies, long-distance telephone service, postage, and travel. These items are included during the budgeting process.