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Bar and line chartsBandy & Associates, Inc. was founded in January 2005 by Michael Bandy and Dee Dee Bandy to serve the needs of associations looking for senior management support in an experienced association management environment. With more than 40 years of combined association management experience, its managing partners bring a unique desire to offer hands-on, executive management for their clients. 

Bandy & Associates is ideal for associations and organizations that want the benefits of executive management but don't want the burden of staffing and equipping an office.

Managing Partners 

Michael Bandy began his career in association management in 1984 with the American Industrial Hygiene Association. Later, he joined the International Association for Exhibition Management and moved on to the Trade Show Exhibitors Association in 1987. Michael was named President of the association in 1998. He announced his decision to leave TSEA and form an association management company with his wife Dee Dee in November 2004. Michael was elected Chairman of the Convention Industry Council in 2004. He holds a degree in Mass Media Communications from The University of Akron.

Dee Dee Bandy began her career with the American Arbitration Association in 1982. She accepted a position from the Trade Show Exhibitors Association in 1984. During her 20-year career at TSEA, Dee Dee began in an administrative position and grew to become its Director of Finance and Administration. She holds a degree in accounting from George Mason University. In November 2004, she announced her decision to leave TSEA to form a new association management company with her husband Michael.